Are you being rude to others?

Are you short tempered?

Are you constantly negative?

Do you make insulting comments?

Do you fail to manage your emotions?

Do you lash out verbally when you are frustrated or angry?

If you said YES to any one of these questions, then this book is for you!

It will provide you with the tools to be kind and show empathy to yourself and to those around you.

In today's chaotic world, you can make a positive difference by guiding yourself toward the types of behaviors that make you a better person.

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Do we match our actions to our words?

Our approach and process for improving our behaviors and contributing to a better world require discipline, awareness, and the willingness to change... to become kinder and have more empathy.

Let Kindness and Empathy Rule

What is the cost of rudeness? The consequences are huge. In the workplace, at home, with friends, in our community. It can bring morale down, drive away customers, and tarnish a corporate image.




The A.K.R. Dance



To Kindness

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Are you the devil?

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Change the loop

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Take The Book To You

We provide professional services, training, workshops for management teams, and coaching programs.

We offer tailored programs from this book within organizations and for personal groups.

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Why I Wrote This Book

Why the title ”Oh My God! I’m Rude to Others”? I wanted to make the reader aware that every person has two sides: a good side and... let’s say a not-so-good side. Sometimes it seems surprising how often we react to something by exclaiming “Oh My God!” without being conscious of it.

We are confronted daily with toxic behavior, whether from a stranger, a grumpy coworker, a sibling, or a friend. Try to remember the last time you did someone a favor or made someone happy. What did you feel?

Within the midst of the pandemic, the world is experiencing huge mental health problems, violence, rudeness, and addictions. We live in a world polluted by fear, anxiety, and anger. Although we have our own rituals for finding inner peace for a moment, it’s more important than ever to show empathy and kindness.

In this book, you will find tools you can use to effectively handle rude people because acts of kindness and showing empathy are certainly sources of happiness for yourself that will have an impact on the person you are interacting with.


About Liane Sangollo, PCC,CHRP

International Strategic Executive Coach, Trainer & Applied Neuroscience Practitioner.

A published author, president of HR Vision Consulting, Liane Sangollo has more than 25 years of experience in upper management in Canada and the United States, She is an entrepreneur, strategic consultant, international executive coach, neuro trainer, and public speaker. This is her third book.

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